Im Good Feat. CeejStoops

by JR Jarris&Uncommon Value

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[JR Jarris]
(oh you good)Yeah im good i be chillin it in the back/
you know where ill be at gotta pick up another sack//

man i spent all my money on this mothafuckin pack/
i can hook you with some grits if you hit me with a snap//

[JR Jarris]
awwww man iono bout that/
you gotta have 5//

OH i gotchu on that/
call ups cjay trying to get the bong back/
its almost 420 man i hope he calls back//

i been good/
im tryna burn more tonight/
gettin higher as the sun start to rise/
mo dohge for night crip it really dont matter/
i can stay chiefin more then 40ty fuckin hours/
posted up i hit the books the same time im gettin/ sauced/
i hold it down for how we livin gettin crossed/
most thoughts in my mind got me strivin for the fullest/
but the weed twist my mind bullet//

i pulled it, packed the weed and told him just to toke it/
it really don't matter how much, you gotta smoke it/
kicking back and writing raps it's all like poetry in motion/
this life is something else, living right up on the ocean//

ayo i'm in and im kickin it like hyaaah/
my head is singing songs like my mind is bringing/ quires/
the fuego of lighters and the sound of metal grinders/
are rising when we rhyming recognize we be/ designing that//

[JR Jarris]
oooo smigity smigitiy smoooth/
that real feel good shit that make you wanna move/
put yo hands up up if you like what we do/
no hesitation jus the uv crew//

ayo josh whatup
im high as fuck
ayo julz you smoke
i did i'm stuck
jr you coo?
i am got brew
yo ceej wussgood
and we gon smoke some good tonighttt

it don't matter where i'm standing/
i'm up too late and early to be left empty handed, long gone from being stranded/
i'm just tryna make a movement from the cards that i've been granted/
and im so fucking high, just a star among the planets//

its been a long day/
but yes im doin fine/
time pass by watch the waves go by/
got the binger by my side/
cigarillos in my pocket/
n ye that louie bag was necessesary so i coped it/
holden off my options like go and spark the nonsense/
drive around my town blowin smoke up in this cock pit/
hopin that one day ill see this hood up from the mountains/
n stack a couple gs n throw the homies out some ounces//



released August 10, 2011
the Bakery


tags: dope San Diego


all rights reserved


Uncommon Value+JR Jarris San Diego, California

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